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The University of New Orleans Fine Arts Department is the center for creative innovation and study at one of Louisiana's leading public research institutions. The department's focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and the development of new practices enhances both studio-based learning and critical engagement. Our students are inspired to learn through a rigorous classroom experience, and national exhibition opportunities. Learning from influential faculty, alumni, and a network of visiting artists, designers, and scholars, students of our undergraduate, and master's programs investigate and create in an environment of possibility.


Undergraduates begin their study in courses that expand their understanding of visual forms and the creative process and develop important artistic and visual communication skills. Areas of concentration are offered in sculpture, digital art, photomedia arts and painting/drawing.  Department of Art majors complete the COLEAHD liberal arts requirements which help students enhance communications skills, offers experience in various modes of inquiry and develops their skills as global citizens. Art and Design BFA students also complete selected departmental courses in areas outside their major. Study of the history of art is an integral core of all departmental majors, and interdisciplinary course offerings are available as well. Students in the department work closely with the Fine Arst faculty to plan the student's individualized program of study.




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