UNO Fine Arts Faculty


Cheryl Hayes

Associate Professor - Painting and Drawing


Fine Arts room 136


Dan Rule

Associate Professor - Digital Arts and Animation


Fine Arts room 111


Jeffrey Rinehart

Program Coordinator / Instructor - Digital Media and Design


Fine Arts Room 113

  • Jeff is a multimedia artist based in New Orleans.  He graduated from Eastern Washington University with degrees in Art and Graphic Communications.  He is a graduate of the UNO MFA program and has been teaching at the University of New Orleans since 2008.  Jeff works with many forms of photomedia and digital arts and is engaged in research about ways these mediums intersect.  He teaches 3D modeling and design and runs the Fine Arts Digital Animation Studio in the UNO Library.  He has worked in multiple collective spaces in the city of New Orleans and has been exhibiting nationally, most recently at Texas Tech University and the Acadiana Center for the Arts.


Aaron McNamee

Graduate Coordinator / Instructor - Sculpture


Fine Arts Room 132


Anthony Campbell

Gallery Manager / Instructor - Printmaking


Fine Arts room 107

  • Generic Art Solutions is the collaborative efforts of Matt Vis and Tony Campbell. This New Orleans-based art duo utilizes nearly every art medium as they examine the recurring themes of human drama and the (dis)functions of contemporary society. Always rooted in the performative, they play every character in their work. In their more distilled “duets” we see something of a yin and yang (a balance between individuals that aren’t quite interchangeable), but in their more elaborate stageings the resultant effect is as epic as the subject matter itself.  By combining Classical, Romantic, and Baroque compositional elements with contemporary pictorial techniques, they manage to illuminate the common thread that connects past histories with current events. This strategy creates something of a “Déjà Vu effect” that is driven by drama and surreality with traces of levity.  In this dialogue between the past and present the viewer realizes several things: 1) that the history of art is inextricably political, 2) that human behavior repeats itself no matter how tragic or brutal, and 3) that this cycle of repetition must be broken so personal and societal progress can be made. Despite all this, their work contains a glimmer of hope-a hope that through thoughtful examination (and armed with a commitment to change) we can indeed forge a better future.


Kathy Rodriguez

Instructor - Painting and Drawing


Fine Arts room 104

  • Kathy Rodriguez was born in Metairie, Louisiana, on July 16, 1980, during a heavy thunderstorm. She lived in Metairie and New Orleans before and after a brief 1998 stint in art school in Baltimore. She earned a B.A. in Studio Art at The University of New Orleans in 2004. In August 2005, she moved to Missoula to work towards both Master of Fine Arts in painting and drawing and Master of Arts in art history degrees at The University of Montana. In Missoula, she taught, painted, interned, and struggled to keep deer out of the garden. In late June, 2008, after graduating and teaching a summer painting course, she returned to New Orleans.  In addition to continuing her studio practice, Rodriguez now teaches at University of New Orleans and is a contributing writer for New Orleans Art Review and NOLA Defender.


Ariya Martin

Instructor - Photography


Fine Arts room 105

  • New Orleans based artist, Ariya Martin works from personal narrative and daily life. Recurrent imagery of everyday, mundane items and acts, are examined and recontextualized through image, moving image, sound and text. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in Imaging Arts-Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology and has worked at significant photographic institutions, George Eastman House and Kodak.  Ariya is a founding member of the all-female photography collective, Southerly Gold. She is also the co-founder of the non-profit One Bird, an organization dedicated to community arts programs that work with children, using photography, writing, mixed media and emerging technologies in order to assist them in sharing their stories, and has most recently spent summers working with youth in Haiti. Ariya currently serves as an Artist in Residence at the University of New Orleans.


Alexa Arroyo

Instructor - Art History


Fine Arts room 103






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