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The Fine Arts Department at the University of New Orleans offers a Master of Fine Arts degree in studio art. Traditional and experimental approaches to visual art production are encouraged and supported. Although the MFA program is NOT medium specific the broad categories of painting, sculpture and imaging are frequently used as a starting point for discussion and development. The fundamental mission of the MFA program is to provide a structure through which talented and self-motivated graduate students can prepare themselves for a career as a professional artist.

A complete application for prospective MFA students must include:

Items sent to the Fine arts department

  • Fine Arts MFA Application (PDF format)
  • 20 JPEG images (no larger than 1000 pixels in any direction at 72 dpi)
  • 3 letters of recommendation - There is no official letter form for letters of recommendation

Items sent to the office of admissions

  • UNO Graduate School Application - This is a second separate application sent to the UNO Graduate School directly.
  • GRE score, but students don't have to take it to be admitted into the program. It can be taken in the first semester after arrival.
  • Transcripts

When relevant, submit videotapes, films, audio tapes, text, cd-roms (Macintosh format) and DVD's, in addition to requested slides. Online work must be documented on CD or DVD format. No websites please.

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  • November 1st: For students seeking admission for spring semester .
  • February 1st: 1st consideration of applications for, Assistantships and Scholarships for students seeking admission in the Fall semester
  • May 1st: last date of consideration for acceptance for Fall semester.

Applications may be considered throughout the year, if space allows. Contact the Fine Arts office for more information by calling 504.280.6493. More information on the Graduate School Application is available at Admissions. University catalogs are available online at the Office of the Registrar.

After a student has applied to the Graduate School, the entire application will be evaluated by the Committee on Graduate Studies of the Department of Fine Arts. To be accepted into the program, applicants must have an undergraduate degree and a high academic average in scholastic and studio work. Applicants who are admitted to the Fine Arts program will be assigned a sponsor by the Graduate Admissions Committee. The sponsor is a member of the Fine Arts Graduate Faculty who agrees to accept the responsibility of guiding the student through the program and who regularly teaches or exhibits professionally in the student's major area.

Students who are deficient in certain areas may be admitted on a conditional basis. They must complete both the regular requirements and fulfill the conditions imposed by the Committee on Graduate Studies. Time Limit: The MFA program is a three year full-time residency. However, all requirements for the Master of Fine Arts in Fine Arts must be completed within six years.

Degree Requirements - Students will complete a minimum of 60 hours of courseware distributed as follows:

Minor Studio courses are expected to be a relevant supplement to the primary focus of the student's Major Studio work and can be either:

  1. 12 hours of Fine Arts minor studio courses as above, or
  2. students may petition the Fine Arts Graduate Faculty proposing a specific selection of 12 hours of Graduate courses in a field outside Fine Arts to satisfy the Minor Studio requirement. The petition must fully explain and justify the nature of the work to be accomplished and be accompanied by a letter of approval from the chairman in each department in which courseware is to be taken. The student is advised to consult with his sponsor and with the Fine Arts Graduate Coordinator in developing the petition for a Minor Outside Fine Arts. MFA students are required to enroll in Seminar three times, but are expected to attend the Graduate Seminar each semester enrolled in the program.

A limited number of graduate assistantships are available to qualified students working on the Master of Fine Arts degree. For information concerning such assistantships, applicants should contact the Graduate Coordinator of the Department of Fine Arts.

Midway through the program, an MFA student's eligibility for graduate candidacy will be determined by the Committee on Graduate Studies, who will arrange for a verbal examination and review of the student's artwork. This review and examination is designed to determine if the student is making satisfactory progress and is prepared to proceed to the Thesis Stage, which includes a written Thesis and a Thesis exhibition.

Elizabeth Derby
David Colannino
Corbin Cohver
Darel Joseph
David Hassell
Jason Childers
Natalie McLaurin
Peter Hoffman
Valerie Corradetti
Vanessa Centeno
Wendell Brunious
Jason Derouin
Matthew Grant
Hettie Haudenschield
Jules Hindman
Jonathan Mayers
Regina Scully
Roderick Worden
Peter Barnitz
Robyn Denny
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